Team Number Date Section H Team email Section J Team email Topic/textbook section
1 Tuesday 22-Sep Ecock, Lauren J. [email protected] Fallon, Abby L. [email protected] Linear Equations
Ros, Alex B. [email protected] Danyow, Elijah S. [email protected] 1.1 and 1.2
Jia, Grace [email protected] McLean, Scott J. [email protected]
2 Thursday 24-Sep Shapiro, Nina B. [email protected] Burk, Ariela K. [email protected] Quadratic Functions
MacLaughlin, Jesse S. [email protected] Albee, May V. [email protected] 2.2
Fernandez, Lauren C. [email protected] Raymond, Ashley K. [email protected]
3 Tuesday 29-Sep Beaton, Katey R. [email protected] Williams, Megan A. [email protected] Polynomial Functions
Hoh, Olivia G. [email protected] de Silva, Sahani E. [email protected] 2.3
Hendry, Mark [email protected] Ebersole, Raina L. [email protected]
4 Thursday 1-Oct Inger, Jake R. [email protected] Durant, Samantha P. [email protected] Exponential Functions
Knott, Kieran S. [email protected] Esposito, Toby J. [email protected] 2.4
Meyer, Ben G. [email protected]    
5 Tuesday 6-Oct Lumbra, Johannah L. [email protected] Gallaer, Bryan [email protected] Logarithms 
King, Rebecca D. [email protected] Sinnickson, Dylan J. [email protected] 2.5
Young, Mackenzie T.  [email protected] Lincoln, Sam E. [email protected]
Thursday 8-Oct         Test Day
6 Tuesday 13-Oct Weadock, Jenny [email protected] Klonsky, Mia L. [email protected] Limits
Ostaudelafont, Michelle M. [email protected] Kingsley, Adam T. [email protected] 3.1
Sandler, Michele L. [email protected] O'Malley, Pete W. [email protected]
7 Thursday 15-Oct Bocklet, Graham [email protected] Martin, Shannon C. [email protected] Continuity
Picchi, Rachael L. [email protected]     3.2
Sargent, Leah A. [email protected] Tracy, Brandon M. [email protected]
8 Tuesday 20-Oct Skahen, Allie R. [email protected] O'Neill, Rachel A. [email protected] Rate of Change
Bruso, Sean P. [email protected] Sorrentino, Madelyn G. [email protected] 3.3
Seery Jr, Kevin N. [email protected] Smith, Portia R. [email protected]
9 Thursday 22-Oct Snyder, Alex M. [email protected] Loughran, Jacqueline S. [email protected] The Derivative
Driscoll, Samantha J. [email protected] Roach, Isaac N. [email protected] 3.4
Schumacher, Ian D. [email protected] Romano, Annie S. [email protected]
10 Tuesday 27-Oct Cawthorn, Leah A. [email protected] Mufson, Charlie J. [email protected] Finding Derivatives
O'Brien, Hannah R. [email protected] Nickinello, Danielle M. [email protected] 4.1
Holliday, Benjamin L. [email protected] Israel, Cole A. [email protected]
11 Thursday 29-Oct Crainich, Nadia [email protected] Henriques, Scott P. [email protected] Product Rule
Gauthier, Jacqueline M. [email protected] Carroll, Meaghan M. [email protected] 4.2
Fernandez, Carlos J. [email protected] Burliss, Maddi A. [email protected]
12 Tuesday 3-Nov Cruger, Madeline O. [email protected] Braddock, Zoe E. [email protected] Chain Rule
DeMars, Robbinson D. [email protected] Beubis, Haley S. [email protected] 4.3
Gauthier, Jacqueline M. [email protected] Andrews, Aidan G. [email protected]
    McCarthy, Julia R. [email protected]
13 Thursday 5-Nov        
14 Tuesday 10-Nov        
Thursday 12-Nov        
Tuesday 17-Nov        
Thursday 19-Nov