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Le fin: the last homework on MyMathLab is due Tuesday 4/28

(mini-) Lesson

Mini-lesson Teams

Team 9: Tuesday (3/9), Team 10: Thursday (3/12), and so on



Infinite Series fun awaits: homework due Friday (4/17)

homework due Friday (4/10)

Review for Test 2 is on MyMathLab (due Thursday 3/26)

Test 2 (cumulative) Tuesday 3/31

Quiz Thursday (3/17)

Double integral fun: Homework 6 on MyMathLab due Tuesday 3/17

Outline Section 9.4 (click to view instructions) due before class Thursday 3/12

Homework 5 on MyMathLab due Friday 3/13
(select no saddle points if it's asked of you)

Brief quiz in class Tuesday 2/24

Homework 4 on MyMathLab due Thursday 2/26

Homework 3 (Test Review) on MyMathLab due Thursday 2/12

Test in class Tuesday Feb. 17th

Homework 2 on MyMathLab due Friday 2/6

Explain in your own words the ideas in Section 7.1 (notes)
due before class Tuesday 1/20

Homework 1 on MyMathLab due Wednesday 1/21

read Section 7.1 in text