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Homework 13:
take it to the extreme (and find the derivative of a circle)
due Tuesday December 8

Optional Test 2 Review on MyMathLab

Write a Textbook Chapter on Derivatives
ingredients: definitions, concepts, and examples
due in class Thursday November 13


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Homework 1:
Algebra Fun is on MyMathLab
due Wed September 9

Homework 2:
all about x2 with a taste of e on MyMathLab
due Thursday September 17

Homework 3:
all about e and log on MyMathLab
due Tuesday September 22

Homework 4:
the power of log on MyMathLab
due Friday September 27

Homework 5:
a gentle intro to limits on MyMathLab
due Tuesday September 29

Test October 8
textbook sections to reference:
1.1, 1.2, 2.1-2.5, 3.1, 3.2

Quiz 2 rewrite solutions to questions 1-4:
you must defend your solution in office hours
due Thursday October 8

(or potentially answer a similar problem)
+ ⅔ of points you missed!

Homework 6:
more limits on MyMathLab
due Friday October 2

Homework 7:
continuity and a touch of derivatives
due Thursday October 15

Homework 9:
derivatives, derivatives
due Friday October 23

Homework 8:
rates of change with a touch of derivatives
due Tuesday October 20

Homework 10:
finding derivatives part 1
due Thursday October 29

Homework 11:
finding derivatives part 2
due Friday November 3

Homework 12:
finding derivatives encore
due Friday November 13

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